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to Vision Heirs INC.

Hybrid Non Profit 

Welcome to Vision Heirs INC. we are a social Impact Hybrid Non Profit focused on non harmful barrier free options to the innovative creation of new eco communities across the globe !!!! 

Follow us on our journey as humans with deep traumatic lived experience , we tell our stories to change the narrative to an actively positive one . 


Blueprint is in Nashville TN that unfortunately is profit over people we have to create our own to survive prevent , & ultimately obliterate systemic poverty & homelessness 

Each one teach one , one family at a time so that they all never hunger again  !!!!  

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Get A Housing Advocate

Email: Vision Heirs INC.

1st Email : 


Email : FACES of HUD Housing Unity Project for 25.00 Tenant Clinic to billed monthly 2 HOMER NPO 


Please CC Vision Heirs INC. also ABOVE : ATTN TN  to get tenant help statewide TN 

( Any other state simply attention your state ) 

If you want to become a Statewide Resident Council Participant reach out to Rachel Johnson @ the above FACES Email Address

* Disclaimer we are not attorney's we are housing advocates with proximal lived experience walking with you towards real housing & poverty solutions !!!!

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