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Innovative JOBS Solutions LLC via VHI

Innovative JOBS Solutions LLC. works for the sustainability of VHI how can you lend a hand?

  • 1 hour
  • 25.00
  • Open / Remote

Service Description

Use our many donate 100 dollar services we will literally walk with you : *Whatever you need to do we walk with you in starting your business : Writing a book we'll be right there pushing you on with VHI writing club . ( Need a Publisher to partner with to Publish everyone - and those to come ) 2. Need office errands done (flyers, documents,data entry, customer service, receptionist , graphic design, website building) you name it we do it . 3. Need organizational skills , cleaning / emergency rescue cleaning ( Residential and Commercial , interior design we'll do it . We also offer Vision Heirs INC Customer Service University ( Cost more for corporations rates may vary ) 4. Facilitator and public speaking services ( Whole Family Restoration , Homelessness Prevention , Eviction Defense , Statewide Resident Council for TN )

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